Data Assessment

At Xmateria, we use technology to automate and accelerate high volume activities, stripping away the restrictions of manual processes, and uncovering patterns and insights in complex data structures. Giving us more time to spend with you and driving more value out of that time.

Almost all SAP change projects should start with a data assessment. We use data exploration technology to drill into your SAP landscape, revealing the current state and informing the challenge ahead. This means that the time we spend together in workshops can be focused less on discovery and more on confirming, discussing and deciding. Accelerating timelines and improving results.

What critical data assets do you have across systems and organisations? How much of your system needs to be carved out in a divestment? What opportunities do you have to simplify your estate? Can you mitigate the risk and reduce the cost of an S/4HANA move with a selective migration?

Reduce the risk, cost and timelines of your SAP transformation programme by getting started with an Xmateria data assessment.


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