Xmateria exists to help SAP customers respond quickly to changing business landscapes and the opportunities presented by new technology.

We are first and foremost a data company. We will provide the expertise and industry-leading data transformation technology to guide companies through the challenges of separating, consolidating, migrating and modernising their SAP systems.

The past year or two has seen a major reordering of board-level priorities, with business resilience and digital transformation rising to the top of agenda.  This has led to more divestments and M&A, and a renewed focus on cloud and adoption of S/4HANA. Data sits at the heart of all of these topics as both an opportunity and an obstacle. And that’s where you will find Xmateria: leading the migration of data into and out of ECC and S/4HANA, carving and separating SAP systems, driving improvements in data quality.

Two principles will guide everything we do.

First, simplicity. Our job is to bring the experience, the approach, the technology and the hard work to master the complexity of your SAP data. To manage the risk and the timelines. To take the pain away. Leaving you to focus on your business.

Second, we believe that the most valuable asset of a modern, digital business is its data. Your data. Data migration involves identifying and transforming years of accrued business knowledge, leveraging and protecting your data as a strategic business asset. Creating systems for the future, ex materia.

The single most important factor in any successful business is the ongoing trust of its customers. Retaining and rewarding your trust will be our top priority. That work starts now.


Occasionally, we will write an article or an opinion piece. If we think it’s good enough, we will link to it here.

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