The Data Company

At Xmateria, we help our customers respond quickly to changing business landscapes and the opportunities presented by new technology.

We provide the expertise and industry leading data transformation technology to guide companies through the challenges of separating, consolidating, migrating and modernising their SAP environments.


The M&A market is growing sharply. The majority of companies are actively reviewing their portfolio with almost half expecting to acquire in the next 12 months.

76% of executives expect the effects of the pandemic to accelerate divestment plans.

Find out how Xmateria can help you quickly and accurately separate your SAP environments.

Value through Technology

63% of companies plan to increase investment in technology and digital capabilities. The value of digital transformation is built on business data but data can be a major obstacle to change.

Find out how to put data at the heart of your journey to S/4HANA.


The most valuable asset of a digital business is its data. Data sits at the heart of all of business transformation as both an opportunity and an obstacle. Get it right and you have a competitive advantage in your sector. However, problems in data quality can impact your business for decades.

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