Carve Out from SAP

As organisations across the world re-evaluate their priorities, we are seeing growing numbers of companies dispose of non-core businesses to raise cash and focus on their core portfolio, often selling to private equity buyers.

These divestments require the carve-out of business-critical enterprise IT systems like SAP, involving complex data models, high volumes of historical data, challenging timelines and the surgical separation of legal entities or assets into new environments.

Xmateria provides the technology, expertise and experience to guide our customers through their SAP carve-outs. From an automated scan of the systems to be separated using Pioneer technology and a clear roadmap for the project, through standing up a new system and a targeted migration of the divested entities, to a structured approach for testing and cutover.

And because we use landscape transformation software, we are able to do all of this even if the source landscape is on-premise and the target in the cloud, or vice versa.

Talk to Xmateria about ensuring the success of your SAP carve out project.


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