Private equity companies sitting on record amounts of unallocated capital (known as “dry powder”) and cash-rich multinationals looking to diversify and strengthen their portfolio have been active buyers of companies at a time when many corporations have needed to divest to shore up their core business. We have seen a post-pandemic bounce in the number of mergers and acquisitions across many industries.

Buyers will at the very least need to separate the acquired entity from the seller’s IT systems (see our Carve Out from SAP page). In order to drive cost savings, simplified reporting and all the other benefits of a common IT landscape, buyers who run SAP might also look to integrate the acquired business into their own SAP landscape. These can be complex, costly and high risk projects.

Visit our Data Migration into SAP page to find out how Xmateria, through a unique combination of SAP data migration expertise and data transformation technology, works with customers to migrate business-critical data into their SAP systems.


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