Landscape Transformation

Landscape transformation software is an incredibly powerful method of changing and moving SAP systems. With its in-built SAP data model and the ability to bypass many of the limitations of traditional methods of migrating data in SAP, we are able to surgically separate systems and migrate large databases at speed, including transactional history.

And because we are able to migrate full or partial systems quickly, we can confidently remove all the application data from an SAP system to allow for functional or technical change, knowing that we can put it back after. This complete decoupling of an SAP system from its application data removes many of the obstacles to rapid change.

This is how a carve out works. We take an empty copy of the original SAP system (meaning no master data, no transactional data) before selectively migrating the business data relevant to the separation. This approach brings significant benefits. Decoupling the system from the data means we can deliver a carve out into the cloud while upgrading the target to S/4HANA, all in one go-live.

And because we don’t need to build a target system from scratch, this is a powerful method for migrating to S/4HANA. Cutting time and risk and cost by building S/4HANA from the existing system and data. Using existing material. Ex materia.


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