S/4HANA Migration

As technology continues to reshape industry and companies position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities presented, for the majority of SAP customers the road ahead leads to S/4HANA.

For customers already on ECC, the roadmap to S/4HANA will be shaped by the scale of change required. For companies who see this move as a pure upgrade, a technical migration is the obvious path.

However, for customers who want to drive more significant enduring benefits and combine a move to S/4HANA with some element of business transformation, the choice is between building a new S/4HANA environment - perhaps using a model company - or a selective transformation (what SAP calls Selective Data Transition), using the original ECC system as a template and applying targeted change.

Whichever path is right for your company, data sits at the heart of the journey to S/4HANA as both an opportunity and an obstacle. This is the right time to really understand what you have, to improve Data Quality, to leave behind obsolete or divested data, and to think about the future value of your business-critical data in the context of cloud, AI and Industry 4.0.

We never forget that one of the most valuable assets of any digital business is its data. Through our unique combination of SAP data migration expertise and access to the very best in Data Transformation Technology, Xmateria is the ideal partner to help you assess your current data landscape, design and prepare for the optimal route to S/4HANA, and deliver a robust and structured migration.


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