Data Security

Data security was first recognised as a priority across the regulated industries, but has since become a major concern for company leaders across all sectors as a result of industrialised cyber crime, data protection regulations (and penalties), digitisation, online commerce and the growth in remote working.

SAP sits at the heart of an organisation’s digital landscape and hosts some of the most business-critical data and processes. It is not enough to plan for how to prevent an attack; companies need to plan for what if there is an attack or a leak. IT departments need to assess their core ERP systems and mitigate the effects of any future incident.

Read how Xmateria can work with you to deliver a Data Assessment of your SAP landscape, using Pioneer data discovery technology to help you understand the data assets you have across modules, organisations and time periods, and build a mitigation plan covering obsolete data, divested entities and your multiple test systems.

Ahead of a major system change (such as an S/4HANA or a cloud migration) or a business event such as a divestment is the perfect opportunity for a Data Assessment. And given that the majority of any SAP landscape’s data footprint sits outside of the production system, many companies decide to address their Test Data Management as they embark on any significant change project: understanding it, reducing it, masking it.


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