Migrate SAP to Cloud

We are still in the foothills of a mass migration of SAP landscapes from on-premise hardware to the scalable cloud model provided by companies such as AWS, Microsoft and Google, often now through the RISE with SAP programme.

The rationale for migrating SAP to cloud can be cost reduction, but it also helps companies boost resilience, drive enduring value through a focus on their core business and innovation, be flexible in the face of business change and explore new technologies outside of their ERP software.

Data is therefore at the heart of both the challenges and the opportunities of a move to cloud. Xmateria can help you understand your SAP data landscape ahead of a migration with a Data Assessment powered by our Pioneer data discovery platform. What critical data assets do you have across systems and organisations? Can you mitigate risk and reduce cost with a selective migration? Do you want to boost the value of this migration by combining it with functional change, a Data Quality initiative or an S/4HANA Migration?

We can lead the data workstream and help you embed value and ensure the success of the migration. If you have a large data footprint, perhaps downtime is an issue, or you might want to reduce the size of your production or test systems before the move. Perhaps this migration to cloud is being driven by a Carve Out from SAP and you want to deliver both requirements in a single go-live.

Xmateria provides the expertise and industry leading data transformation technology required to help customers navigate the data challenges of migrating SAP to the cloud.


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